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Asked a question 4 months ago

Is there a dream podcaster you would like to meet?

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Danny C Koordi
Founder of Fabl Productions, Host of Screwed Up Moments

Malcolm Gladwell! Not only is he an amazing author and speaker already, but as a podcaster his enthusiasm and passion for the topics he talks about is just incredible. The McDonald's French Fry episode from Revisionist History is one of my all time favorite episodes for this reason.

Going to be real for here, I would love to meet Nate DiMeo.

Nate's Memory Palace5 is what got me on this journey in the first place to be a podcaster.

It's basically short narratives on American history and interesting places around the country.

But omg, the way he tells his stories...that was what tempted me to start my own show. I wanted to capture that same feeling. It seemed so fun conveying that to other people.

If anything, meeting the podcaster that inspired me to start podcasting would be a godsend.

This is the Memory Palace...I'm Nate DiMeo.